The journey, which began in 2020, brings Studio Immagine into the world of furniture through the use of ceramic materials.

Thanks to important investments and the skills gained in the ceramic sector, we are now ready to fulfill the requests for furnishing accessories based on classic shapes. Today, the trust of some customers willing to experience our project firsthand, together with highly skilled collaborations, have led the company to be operational and competent in this market as well.

The next step will see the stylistic improvement through the integration of our processing techniques to create increasingly complex forms.

Research and partnerships will define the necessary base to characterize styles that exploit our creative and productive abilities, in order to be able to offer a range of proposals that can be adapted to the customer’s needs for single projects or mass production.

The idea is to be able to integrate creative and stylistic definition skills in a single Center Lab in order to create projects capable of covering, flooring and furnishing an entire environment with our customers’ ceramic materials.

Once the project has been created, each division in charge will deal with the technical development and industrialization of the various finished products, making the most of their sectoral capabilities, always being able to count on the high scalability offered by the production site.