Modern Style

Glass bezel

The ability to create partnership agreements between one-of-a-kind companies has made it possible to expand the technique of an elegant bezel setting of heterogeneous materials within ceramic surfaces, whether they are single slabs or mosaic components. In this new guise, we offer a series of mirrored glasses, the result of skilled and skilled craftsmen with an important and consolidated multinational company behind them, which creates these wonders in specific thicknesses exclusively for us to be embedded in our customers’ products.

fughe - draft 01

What we have learned from our collaboration with the Massimo Nadalini Studio is how the simplicity and interpretation of what we see every day leads to the essence of design. We express this concept through the filing of patents related to the study of grout lines as a decorative expression. The interruption of the simplest geometries gives dynamism to all the elements.

Eclectic 3d

When dimensions are not enough shape the importance of the covering, our ECLECTIC 3D technique, based on several non-orthogonal thicknesses and boasting patented models, plays with subtle shadows to give movement to the wall without excessively favor the space beyond the surface.