Rustic Style


In the craftsmanship of the mosaic masters each piece is chiseled to find its precise place in the harmony of the composition. During our research we have designed and built a specific plant designed to industrialize the manufacturing process while maintaining its irreplaceable manual skills in the face of a unique product of its kind at costs that can be understood by the ceramic market.


We have examined, analyzed and perfected the aesthetics of the “spaccatella” technique, protagonist for years in the panorama of rustic coverings, in order to obtain a balance between the naturalness of the shapes and precision in the joints.

Vintage covering

La realtà di un bordo anticato nato per i grandi formati grandi formati ha dato vita ad una linea di proposte dedicate al rivestimento. Tessere, elementi o mattoni capaci di riprodurre l’effetto di un muro realizzato con materiale di recupero o grezzamente finito per esaltare l’elegante rusticità dell’ambiente.

moving tiles

An antiqued edge created for large formats has given life to a line of proposals dedicated to covering. Tiles, elements or bricks capable of reproducing the effect of a wall made with recycled or roughly finished material to enhance the elegant rusticity of the environment.

antiqued 3d

A technique carrying three dimensions into the rustic environment, creating a union with the splitting technique. Thus, an amplification of the natural effect of the materials takes place. The resulting products can be used both for residential coverings and for ambitious indoor and outdoor projects.