We perceive the depth of a ceramic surface through the complexity of aesthetic, functional and industrial research aimed at completing the emotionality it contains.

Studio Immagine

Founded in 2010 as a service business for the Sassuolo ceramic district, today, strong in social capital and productive scalability, Studio Immagine is a company capable of innovative research and high-profile production aimed at companies operating in the both Italian and foreign ceramic industry.

Your trust will be consolidated through the knowledge of our commercial, administrative and production methods, designed to adapt to the needs of each of our customers in order to best meet their needs.

Our services

What we offer every day goes beyond the outgoing material object ready for delivery from our factories.


At the basis of every technique, decorative or functional, there is a research process which draws from our experiences, thinking about the future, without ever losing sight of the economic receptivity of the ceramic sector and the concrete production feasibility.


We base our business relationships on trust and cooperation, going beyond the concept of supply. Therefore we receive from our collaborators and offer our customers precision and quality in the products and materials contained therein as well as the signing of exclusive agreements.


We produce what we create and fine-tune for our customers. There is no greater incentive than delivering the quality that represents us. Each product is cared for, packaged and precisely delivered in order to convey all our passion and expertise invested in making it.


A careful management of capital, constant investment of profits in the business, careful analysis of margins and commercial strategies, all supported by a strong entrepreneurial personality, allows us to offer solidity and a guarantee of service as well as a constantly growing competence.

We integrate creativity and logic into the world of ceramic decor accessories.

creative process and industrialization

Does it exist already?

How can we reinterpret it, change it, make it our own to satisfy our client client?

Doesn’t exist?

How can we make it, patent it, produce it at costs in line with the reference sector and ultimately convey it to our customers?

These are the questions which we submit and answer every day knowing that behind us there is a prudent administrative structure and a solid management.

  • The birth of a technique

    The creative process of the Research Center, a container of pioneering experience in the sector, supported by concrete and updated development capacity, begins when the questions shown alongside have been answered. Tested and consolidated the method of realization, a new technique is born.

  • From technique to product

    Once the technique has been defined, through a process of market investigation and concrete creative contribution of the commercial apparatus, a series of proposals arise which presented to customers will undergo an adaptive process to the needs of the latter to become, at the end of the procedure, a product uniquely characterized.

  • Development of the product

    In our main headquarters, where the product has been created and sampled, the first productions are processed in order to absorb all its peculiarities and consolidate the production cycle so as to guarantee uniformity, production scalability and logistical rationalization.

  • Know-how transfer

    The training process takes place periodically at the production plants managed by our managers trained in the company headquarters. During the sessions, packages of consolidated production cycles are transferred containing the knowledge accumulated in the previous phase and any updates of previously transferred cycles.

We are ready to support the inspiration of your imagination with our productive rationality.