Classic Style

Waterjet cutting

With the knowledge of the person who first cut tiles with a system using a waterjet system, what we can create using this tool doesn’t go beyond imagination, but if it is conceivable and compatible, we can make it happen.

linear cut

The most complex challenge is to take what is simpler in our range of techniques and make it the protagonist to the point of generating real decor walls. Through collaboration with our customers, the search for balance between the simplest shapes and their dimensions, we are able to create products of design.

incastonatura metallo

One of the techniques that best represents and distinguishes us today in the ceramic panorama. The unique ability to elegantly embed heterogeneous materials, such as metals, within ceramic surfaces whether they are single slabs or mosaic components. An in-depth research has allowed us to put specific profiles and adhesives to compensate for the different physical properties, guaranteeing their durability over time.